Brian is a professional creative: a designer and performer who’s produced content for over 18 years for the web, video and stage. But regardless of the medium, he always focuses on the same thing: the audience, and giving them a good story that motivates them to take action.

After graduating from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, he started as a traveling musician and designer for a 5-man a cappella group, Almost Recess. They traveled around the Mid-Atlantic for over 500 shows for kids grades K and up. And Brian's branding, video and web design helped elevate them to the highest-earning educational program in the area.

After settling in Boston, he worked for a number of companies, including Avid, who creates the tools used by the professional film and music industries to create the most watched, most listened to, and most loved media in the world.

Brian has worked in various media from web design, email design, and video production; to producing and performing live shows with stand-up comedy, improv, singing in a band, and a cappella; to being in front of the camera as a commercial actor.

He loves working collaboratively, preferably as a member of a super team, working alongside colleagues with a diverse range of backgrounds and skills. Like if the Avengers called, he'd be Ant-Man. Not supernatural per se, but possessing a lot of cool tech and techniques.

Also quick with a pun.